Kids vs Adults: equal or not?

I recently read an article by Aldo Naouri, a French pediatrician, who states that “parents who make their kids feel like gods drive them crazy”. He claims that today’s generation, who in most countries have easy access to anything they desire, is the most spoilt and least motivated one. As an educator and as a mother, I find this to be very alarming but true!

Parents make their kids feel that they are entitled to everything. Kids, from the moment they are born, become the kings and queens of the household. Naouri says that birth control, family planning and having children later in life are the main reasons for this, meaning that most people nowadays become parents consciously and voluntarily, and this affects their parenting style. He advises that kids should be respected as beings, but not treated as equals by their parents in family decision-making, because mentally and psychologically they aren’t!

They cannot grow up in a healthy way without set boundaries, without the feeling that the adults of the family are in the lead. Such boundaries and the feeling of dependence create a sense of stability and safety, which are very important for a child in order to become a balanced and respectful adult; much like a young tree that we have to tie against a stick until it’s strong enough to take the blows of the wind on its own. 

I totally agree with this theory and try to follow this path both at home and in my classroom! I feel that children are calmer and behave better when there is a frame around them [firm but loving – loving but firm].   😉


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