Don’t swim against the tide on your own!

Getting one’s pupils to answer questionnaires is an easy task as (almost) everyone likes to talk about themselves 🙂 Pupils feel important when the teacher asks about what THEY like about their learning process, about what THEY want to learn and about how THEY want to work.

It goes without saying that their opinion IS important! A teacher must know what the learners’ needs are, as they define them themselves, in order for his/her teaching methods to be relevant and appealing. The national curriculum sets the general aims but the way to achieve them and the routes followed need to be designed with our pupils.

If we, as teachers, give our pupils the chance to show that they do have – or should have – an opinion as regards their learning, we will be amazed by the ideas they have and, more importantly, by the increase in their interest and involvement and commitment to make the plan work! We won’t feel alone, swimming against the tide 🙂

Below I’m attaching an analysis of the answers by primary school pupils gave to my questionnaire. The questionnaire was written in Greek and so is the analysis. But if there is anyone interested in using an English version, I could help.

questionnaire answers’ analysis (in Greek)

You can find the questionnaire by clicking on the following link:

Questionnaire for Learners of English [in Greek]

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